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Who would you draft first?  

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H2H - 9 CAT - 12 Teams - Keeper (with budget).

Hey guys,

Just wondering how you would rank these guys and how early you would draft them?

Christian Wood

Lonzo Ball

Myles Turner

TJ Warren

Buddy Hield

Tyler Herro

Mikal Bridges 

OG Anunoby 

Derrick White

Clint Capela

Thomas Bryant 

Collin Sexton

Draymond Green

Eric Bledsoe

These are the guys available in my keeper draft.

I’m likely keeping John Collins, Mitchell Robinson, Jusuf Nurkic, Dejoute Murray, Brandon Ingram and Michael Porter Jr. 

Any help would be awesome!


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Just a follow up.

We have a budget of $9 this season to keep players and each year a player is kept, their cost increases by $1.

Collins & Robinson are $2.

Murray, MPJ, Nurkic & Ingram are $1.

I have picks 1, 2, 5, 10, 12 & 13 overall.

I could use a pick to trade for all the players above and use my remaining $1 to keep one or I could just hope I get them in the draft.

Another spicy option is to throw Collins back into the draft and draft him first overall at a $0 cost, resetting his cost.

All the big names are obviously being kept.

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As far as ranking those guys, I would say to look at ADPs, the B150, and then the other teams in your league for positional/statistical availability and rank them that way.  It'll be a little bit of work but would probably help you in terms of separating those guys who are in the same tier.  

I do like the thought of the crafty move of taking Collins number 1 while not having to spend $ on him  -- would this allow you to keep someone else? And I'm not sure how if I'm as high on Collins personally with all the moves ATL did.  That's a lot of mouths to feed.  And idk if I like the sound of how ATL feels about Collins long term.  I have heard few but not really positive things about his future with the franchise.