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Zion or Simmons?  

Matt Chabot
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Hey there ballers, 

            Just looking for some player opinions for this upcoming season. I play in a 12 team, 9 cat league. We keep one player each. My keeper this year is Kevin Durant. I have the tenth pick. I'm eyeballing Ben Simmons or Zion there probably and I'm hoping to snag SGA with my next pick. 

That's my plan coming in. Just wondering who you would prefer if both guys make it to me, Simmons or Zion? 

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Is Durant already locked in as your keeper? If not, who else can you keep? Im nervous about KD this season. Im assuming the top 12 players will be kept and you have pick 10 which means you have pick 22 (in a round about way)? So Zion and Simmons are the best of the rest? To be honest, id rather SGA before Ben or Zion, i think he'll be sick this year. If i had to chose though, it'd be Ben, by a whisker

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Simmons. SGA. Zion. 

And Zion is way behind the other two. He hasn't proven he can be healthy yet, still way too risky.