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Alec Burks return value?  

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Hey All -- I'm in a 9 cat roto league. I'm mostly in need of FT% and to a lesser degree, points. Alec Burks came up on the waiver wire, who has a great FT% and was shooting upwards of 6-7 a game. Thoughts on his role when he comes back? I'd be dropping either Tyus Jones (picked up for the Morant injury) or Delon Wright. Thoughts on who I should drop would be helpful also...Thanks.

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Definitely pick up Burks.  Wright shows no inclination to increase his usage despite the opportunities and Jones will become equally insignificant when Morant returns.  My gut tells me Jones may have carved out a more significant role on the team going forward and may be more valuable.  Of course, it depends on what your team needs are as to who you should choose to keep.