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John Wall...what to do..what to do?

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Hey Hoobsters, thanks in advance for all your help. 


In a standard Yahoo (12 team/9 cat) league I drafted  Wall (pick 80). 

In another Yahoo league (12 team/9 cat) some GM dropped him. 

Should I be trying to spend some FAB dollars on getting Wall or try to sell my Wall stock?

I don't know if another team will give him the minutes Houston did or am I wrong? Shutmouth (omg, these emojis are creepy af)



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Lyle Swithenbank
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I think hold off spending FAAB dollars on him at the moment.  This John Wall situation is up in the air.  Given you own him currently (and spent pick 80 on him) just hold for now.  I wouldn't rush out to pick him up in the other league as of yet.  If he gets traded and looks like he will be healthy enough to play then that's the time.  However, he is still an inefficient scorer - if you don't care about percentages (or you were playing points league) then he could be a sneaky flyer later in the season.