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Who do I take 1st overall  

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Playing fantasy basketball for the first time and I'm pretty new to the sport. I got the first overall pick in a brand new 12 team 2 keeper points league. Just wondering who I should be taking. I've been seeing Harden ranked 1st everywhere but with him not reporting yet and his trade request I don't know if that's a good move to take him with the 1st overall pick.

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I would lean Harden then AD for top pick.  For points leagues you just want guys that are going to fill it up and Harden put's up points pretty regularly.  I fear for AD's rest not allowing him to match Harden's total output.  I also don't think Harden is going to be traded unless a team pays a hefty hefty price. 

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Harden. He'll need to play more than AD for Houston to be competitive.