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Who to target with these first three picks?  

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Hey Hoop Ballers,

I’m not a big mock draft guy, so I wanted to field some advice from the community on my first three picks. Due to some trading, I have the 8th overall, 14th overall (second round, second pick) and 26th overall (3rd round, second pick). It’s a 9-cat 12 team H2H competitive league, and I tend to lean towards a 1 or 2 cat punt strategy but not married to it or anything. Any suggestions here from people who have done some drafts? 

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According to Fantasy Pros, youre getting Lillard, Beal and Donovan, but you wouldnt do that i dont think, its a fluid situation, picking in the top 9, youre getting a good player, maybe a Lillard if youre lucky, then you just build from there