Draft Guide – Coming Soon

Hey guys and gals, Aaron Bruski here.

Everybody at Hoop Ball is working around the clock right now to prepare for the launch of our biggest Draft Guide to date.

Quickly, I need to say a thing on our awesome tech team — they alone are pushing this guide and our premium products to new levels. I have full confidence that as we rapidly grow that we’re going to push to the top of the mountain in terms of UI, tools and value on that front. Maybe not this year but it’s happening soon. Shout out to Thomas Serio for being the man, myth and the legend.

Anyway, that’s before you get to our industry leading content team including 30-DEEP champion Mike Passador, the inimitable Dan Besbris, the great Erik Ong, my old cohort Ethan Norof and a plethora of other fantasy studs in a list too long to have here.

Me, well I spent last year building out more intel systems that wouldn’t just help me out last year, but mostly they were focused on creating even bigger leaps this year. I’ll have logged over 400 hours in my own intel, research and production of this guide when it’s all said and done.

Last year was a bit of a public season in that there weren’t nearly as many challenges that require higher-level insight and analysis for the fantasy public to chew through. That always creates a bit of an odd market where targets cost more and profit margins can go down. As a sharp you always want the most difficult settings possible to shake out the fish.

It looks like we have a nice chess board this season with tons of player movement. I am already licking my chops.

Anyway, keep an eye out on our Twitter feeds for information on the release date for this year’s guide.

Until then, enjoy this promotional material from last year’s guide.



There are a handful of decent draft guides out there.

We’re a bit biased here, but ours is the best.

And when you’re playing for pride or money, you don’t want second best. Or third best. Or the generic one that everybody reads at a TV big box site.

You want the guide that wins national championships. You want the managing editor of the guide to be a FSWA Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year. You want the Bruski 150 because year after year it puts other rankings to shame and consistently produces winners.

Mostly, you want the people giving you fantasy advice to actually put their money where their mouth is (and win) year after year.

I organized and produced draft guide coverage years at Rotoworld and what I can tell you is that it’s only as good as the backbone of the research. The backbone here is the Bruski 150, a ranking and projections methodology which is supplemented by industry leading analysts Dan Besbris and 30-DEEP winner Mike Passador, Erik Ong, Nathan Nguyen, Chef Ali, Souriyo Dishak, Adrian Benjamins, Neil Rochlani, Josh Millman and more.

Unlike other rankings that just get thrown together, the B150 is made using proprietary algorithms, MONTHS of ALL DAY research, YEARS of experience and custom-built projections for nearly every player in the NBA.

It is from this central point of analysis that the coverage gets built out and because the foundation is strong, the rest of the draft guide can get really aggressive.

Year after year it destroys the competition. Last year kept the undefeated streak alive with another 60-40 win over the best fantasy site not named Hoop Ball.

The best part is that right now we’re a small website. While most of your competition will be reading from the generic big box lists, you’re getting pro grade advice that nobody else in your league will have. At least for now.

Thanks for the support everybody.

Aaron Bruski, Founder


  • • Full 8/9 Category Projections (September 20)
  • • Player Profiles (EASILY the deepest and best profiles in the industry … 30-team league owners rejoice!)
  • • Team Profiles
  • • Depth Charts
  • • Schedule Grid and Analysis
  • • ADP Reports
  • • Sleepers
  • • Busts
  • • Risk/Reward Picks
  • • Hoop Ball Staff Discussions
  • • Veteran Player Analysis
  • • Percentage Pariahs
  • • Rookie Report
  • • 2nd and 3rd Year Player Analysis
  • • 2018’s 2nd Half Surges
  • • Cash Counter Specialists
  • • Contract Year Players
  • • Offseason Winners and Losers
  • • Players to Reach For
  • • MPG Projections by Division
  • • Points League Rankings
  • • Dynasty and Keeper League Rankings
  • • Auction Values and Ranks
  • • Tier Reports
  • • Punting Strategy
  • • Dynasty Strategy



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Hoop Ball RotoBalance App for Android

We performed statistical analysis on thousands (28k+) of fantasy basketball leagues from the 2016-2018 seasons.

The goal was to find out if there is a correlation between the size of the leagues and the amount of each stat you need to win the category.

The answer is yes! We found exactly how much of each stat you need to compete in your league, and it depends on the league’s size.

We do that research as a foundation of Hoop Ball’s Draft Guide and the projections used for the Bruski 150.

Now, we’re bringing that research to you in an app that will help you draft a strong, but balanced squad so you don’t waste picks on players that might be inefficient for your particular squad or team build.

The app is free for Hoop Ball Draft Guide subscribers and we are going to continue building this out so you guys can keep dominating your leagues!



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The rankings to end all other rankings. High stakes ringers use these ranks, NFBKC champions use these ranks, FBA champions use these ranks and the industry moves when these ranks are released. We take care not to put the ranks out too early so our subscribers can get maximum benefit. Click here to see what another year of clobbering the competition looks like.

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