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    Hey everyone I am looking for 3-4 serious people to join a 10 team Draft only roto league. 50 buck buy in with prizes of 250/150/100. The drafting is interesting in this league cause there are restrictions for the first nine rounds, the description is below, if you are interested please email me at gracco79@hotmail.com with the email that you want me to send the invite to and I will send it to you. I also need 2 – 3 teams possibly for a 12 team roto draft only with 25 buck buy in. Both of these drafts start in first couple of weeks of September and are slow drafts and are both NOT long term committments as they are 1 year redraft leagues.
    Here is description for 10 team:

    8 Category roto league. Slow draft starting on Friday September 13 at 8pm. Max of 6 hours per pick, draft will go into sleep mode from 11pm eastern to 7am eastern. There will be 20 players drafted on each team. This is DRAFT ONLY so those are the 20 players for whole year, NO trades and NO adds or drops. Weekly lineup set 5 minutes before first game of week Starting 4 Guards, 4 Forwards, 2 Centers and 2 Utility.**IMPORTANT** Once a player is taken from an NBA team, that team cannot have a player drafted from them again until a player from every NBA team has been chosen. By end of round 3 all 30 teams will have a player picked and the process starts again for rounds 4 – 6 and then resets again and starts for rounds 7 – 9. After all 10 teams have chosen their first 9 players and 3 players from each NBA team have been drafted, all players remaining in the draft pool can be drafted in any order for rounds 10 – 20. The league fee is 50 dollars with prizes of 250, 150 and 100 to first, second and third. IF there are any errors during draft with people not following the rules for the first nine rounds, I will stop the draft and rewind it back so that the rules are followed so please ensure you are keeping track of the nba teams you can still draft from in each 3 round segment. Once we have a full league I will attempt to find a way to keep track and update everyone if possible either through fantrax homepage or a google doc or something.

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    Would love to have one of the hoop ball pod cast guys join this league…

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    Dan Besbris
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    Sadly, I cannot add any more to my plate. Haha.

    I’ll tweet it out though!

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