AD Trade!!

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    My friend has offered me AD for Kemba and Vuc because he is a big celtics fan. Im not sure what to do. I have Harden, so to get AD and Harden together would be amazing. But its a head to head league and im currently sitting 1st with a 7-0 record so dont want to stuff anything up. Thoughts?

    Not many good free agents to pcik up if i did the 2 for 1 and i would need to ge a guard. Levert might be an ok option, do we expect him to come good even with spencer playing so well? Others are lonzo, dragic, winslow, reddick.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Technically that’s probably a yes, but I also get not wanting to upset the Apple cart… wow harden and AD… you could have the top 2 guys in fantasy. Problem is that if you run up against a tiny injury during the fantasy playoffs without any depth you’re cooked. I like this deal more for roto

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