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    Sorry if any of this is repetitive from another thread. Roster has changed a little since the last.

    Current roster:
    AD, Freak, Luka, Rubio, Warren (IL), Siakam, Bogie, Prince, Saric, Shai, Kenrich, Rabb, Powell, Zeller

    Think I should drop anyone for WCS and/or Dragic?

    Thinking of dropping Prince to stash Dragic and maybe Powell for WCS. Thoughts?

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    Dan Besbris
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    You’ll have some more info on Rabb after JV gets into some action in Memphis…

    I think I’d drop SGA, Kenrich, Rabb or Powell before I’d drop Taurean.

    But I also kinda want to see these guys for another game or 2.

    You should probably make a move on WCS, though.

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    Thx Dan! As usual only the best from you

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