Ariza to POR

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    Should be able to grab a lot of minutes ir POR, right? PRoblem is I already like a lot end of my team, would you drop any of these guys for Ariza? 16t 9cat h2h

    Doumbouya, Melton, D. Brooks, D. Lee, DiVicenzo or Miles Bridges.

    Was trying to get 2 for 1 trades just for moments like these but not forging this year. A lot of years have passed, people getting smarter and not giving up 1 for 2 that easily 😀

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    Dan Besbris
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    Think I’d probably consider dropping Melton or Brooks. I love Melton but those dang low mins aren’t changing much. Or just stand pat.

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    Alan Srochi
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    I’d say Donte but Ariza probably gives you the same stats that he is providing. So probably Brooks if annyone like Dan said

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