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      Feel like Drummond is the obvious here but I just like Ayton, second year and he’s a unit, in 9cat is it okay to go him over Andre?

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      For the most part Drummond is definitely the way to go. The thing to consider is of course his ft%. If you can absorb it with a lot of other good percentage guys or punt that category he’s a beast for you across the board.

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      It could go either way. If your team relies on good ft I would go Ayton. I had him last year and won my league. This year I switched it up and went with Drummond. After the draft was completed I noticed that my league ft was pretty weak hovering around .800-.812. Last year I was around .840-.865 to win that category every week. With that being said I think if you can pair Ayton with Lopez I think you can get decent bigs without hurting your ft. GL this season

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      Dan Besbris
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      I think I’d lean Drummond – his defensive stats, rebounding… just insanity. You do have to build in some better FT shooters as a result, but he takes care of some categories almost on his own.

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