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    Bertans couldn’t be more red hot, and I’m personally clouded when it comes to the decision on this because I stupidly dropped him early on in the season to pick up somebody else. Please help me get past the feeling that someone picked up my cargo and sold it back to me! Is it reasonable? I have Lowry, Lillard, Dunn, Beal, as some of my other PGs/SGs, 12 team 9 cat.

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    Alan Srochi
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    Really tough one to gauge here. Bertans is so hot that I can’t imagine it sticks all season long, but even his worst going forward could be better than where Bledsoe could finish this season.

    I’m leaning towards a yes but would be curious to hear what others have to say on this.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I think I’d prefer Bertans if only because it seems like the Bucks want to play their starters 28mpg if at all possible to keep people fresh.

    And somehow, they’re still blowing everyone out. I bet they finish within 15 slots of each other.

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    Thanks, guys, I might have to pull the trigger with both of you saying go for it. I’m 3rd in my league and it hurts having the missed time from him not being on my team, but sometimes you have to go with the data and projections over emotional response, ha.

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    Bledsoe for me

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