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    I know this was discussed on a previous pod a millman(shout out!) And my apologies as I have not listened to the pod today but….

    Where are we evaluating Bertans ROS? if one were to “sell high”, what specific player(s) would you target for your return?

    Thanks hoobers

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    Josh Millman
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    Appreciate the shout out!

    I’m probably more bullish on Bertans than others but I think that he can stay in the top-50 range for 9-cat.

    As far as selling high, you can:

    Try to find a guy that might be boring but has steady top-50 quality like Tobias Harris, Khris Middleton, Buddy Hield or Rob Covington

    Try to find the right buy-low of players with upside that have some track record like MitchRob, Jaren Jackson, josh Richardson or Myles turner.

    But again, I’m pretty bullish on Bertans ROS so I’d probably lean toward those top guys as opposed to taking on additional risk

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