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      Vegemite Toast
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      Just listening to the latest podcast and dan hyping the B150 whilst downplaying the DBOMS.

      Got me thinking about my teams the last couple of years and the really successful ones have been a good blend of both. The stability that comes from the DBOMS supercharged with knockout value from the B150.

      Besbris brings the defensive cover and jabs to keep your foes at a distance while you look for an opportunity. The B150 brings the lightning footwork and heavy hits needed to put your opponents on the floor. In my mind, a good balance of both is the ultimate fantasy 1-2.

      Dan, any chance of some early thoughts on a consolidated DBOMS once you get through the last of the team reviews?

      So far i’m thinking:
      Pat Bev
      PJ Tucker
      Niko – i’m sure your love trancends international borders.

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      Dan Besbris
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      Dude, you’re the best. What a wonderful post to read. I really am the relaxed Yang to Bru’s haymaker Yin. It’s a good spot for my stress level, honestly.

      And yes, DBOMS aren’t far off. A few more divisions to cover, and some mocks to review, and we’ll dig into all the names soon enough.

      NikoLove forever.

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