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    10team 9cat roto league

    We get to choose where we wanna draft..the guys in front of me picked 5th and 8th..what do u guys think i shld do?
    im deciding among 4th 6th or 9th

    p.s. i traded away my 5th round pick

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    Dan Besbris
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    That’s wild. Go 3rd so you can get one of the true top-tier guys. Or hell, go first so you can get back-to-back picks going forward.

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      I ended up with 4th…coz i see AD, steph, giannis and harden as “true top tier” …but im now worried that hardens numbers will be greatly affected by westbrook

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    I would script out who you are specifically targeting and then try to draft where you can get him.
    For the record, I’m a value guy. I would be very cool with having 2 of the top 12 players (9 & 12).
    Good luck!

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