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    Hey Guys would really appreciate some input on who to add!

    Currently in a Yahoo Points league w/ the following scoring system:
    1 -pts, 1 FGM, -0.45 FGA, 1 FTM, -0.75 FTA, 2 3-pts, 1.5 rbs, 2 Ast, 3 sts, 3 blk and -1.5 TO

    Harden, Kemba, Jrue Holiday, Tobias, Aldridge, Bledsoe, Bam, Valanciunas, Favors, Gallinari, IT, Tristan Thompson and Jabari Parker

    On the Wire:
    Otto Porter, Lamb, LeVert and House Jr.

    I’m thinking of adding Porter to my IL to stash till Parker is a drop, but considering this is a points league would you take any other player over Porter?

    Also would you take Ayton over Aldridge?


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    Dan Besbris
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    Yes Ayton over Aldridge but no, no reason to stash in a league this shallow. The wire will constantly be packed with solid dudes

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    Thanks a bunch Dan! love your podcast by the way. Just recently started up fantasy NBA again so I’m planning to use this year to research guys heading into next season and switching over to 9 cat. Will def sign up for premium content once I get my paycheck 😛

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    I currently have porter and house jr. I like house jr because he was trending up and Gordon is going to be out a month or so.

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