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    Hey! I play in a 9 cat derivation to keep it simple. I have the 3rd and 10th overall pick. via Keeper scenarios, I already have KAT and Jokic (I know amazing and lucky)…all other top players are available in 1st round except Embiid. Lets ignore the questions on how these keepers and picks are possible lol…what is the ideal pairings at 3rd and and 10th pick? I know Davis is going first, but then I dont know who is going second.

    Im thinking Steph if available at 3 then best guard at 10…if stars align and Beal is available? I have an irrational love of Steph, so that will probably be my 3rd overall pick if available.

    Input..thoughts…etc? Thank you!

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    FWIW, there are a handful of other teams with high end keepers being kept at very late round costs, so it wont just be my team starting out with a great start.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’m definitely in for Steph. I almost don’t see how this goes wrong with all those potential first rounders. Certainly lean guards, though. Steph, Beal, Kyrie, Dame, even Jimmy Butler or taking a chance on Kawhi isn’t a terrible idea if you were to venture into wings…

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    Vegemite Toast
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    No maybe about it in my mind, Dan.

    If you can land Steph and Kawhi imagine the base….. and with AD, Joker and Steph you can probably handle the risk that comes with Kawhi.

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