Bojan Bogdanović for Dewayne Dedmon

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    12 team standard H2H 9 Cat league.
    I just offered someone Bogdanovic for Dedmon.
    I really need rebounds and I do not need 3 pointers.
    Please see my team below. As you can see I do not need 3’s. Only thing that is worrisome about this trade, is my SG position. My only SG’s are Harris and Bogdan. But I can always scoop someone off waivers. What do you think?

    Trae Young
    Bojan Bogdanovic
    L. James
    P. George
    B. Lopez
    W. Carter Jr
    Thaddeus Young
    Joe Harris
    Brandon Clarke
    T. Prince
    J. Hayes

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    Sounds solid to me. I think the waiver wire will be bountiful this year.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I think I’d rather have bojan just because of Sac’s logjam up front, but it’s a pretty fair deal among guys being drafted between 90-110 generally.

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    Dedmon without a doubt, who I think has been somewhat undervalued this season. He was roughly a top-50/top-60 per-game guy in 9-cat/8-cat last season despite only playing 25mpg, so I’m not concerned about the Kings depth at center which, by the way, is already weakened with Giles’s knee problems resurfacing. Plus, Dedmon’s a perfect fit with the starters, the Kings are paying him decent money and the team should be competitive in the West, so I don’t see a guy like Giles, if and when healthy, chipping away at his minutes too much this season. Holmes will definitely get his fair share of minutes of course, but Dedmon’s job should be safe.

    EDIT- Almost forgot about Bojan! Little upside and you have to hope that his FG% remains elevated, otherwise his floor could be lower as well.

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    Bojan is having a slow start to the season other than that seems fair to me. I personally prefer Bojan in case Holmes takes more playing time from Dedmon.

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