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    Hey guys.

    Comfortably top of my H2H league leading into playoffs. I have Otto porter coming off my IR spot any day now and Brandon Clarke was just dropped.

    How much waiver money do we think Clarke is worth? I have most of my money still but not sure if this is a 2-4 week thing or a re-evaluate in 2 weeks and shut down.

    I was thinking $55. Am I crazy?

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    Capt. Caineghis
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    Hey, sorry for not being around sooner. I’m guessing the waiver period already expired?

    If not, I’d rather have Clarke in IR over OPJ, but as you said, we don’t know really when Clarke will return and Memphis has no reason to rush him.

    I would probably have thrown some money for him, but it depends how much you have. If it’s out of $100, I definitely wouldn’t drop $50. I‘d say maybe $8-10. Mainly because I would be fine with not getting him if someone outbids me because at this time of year, teams are going to be forced to drop good players as it comes to do-or-die mentality for them.

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