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    Chef (Ali)
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    Anything, anything at all…

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    12tm standard h2h. Is it time to trade Middleton since he’s not giving 2-3 rd value?


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      Chef (Ali)
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      You could but if it’s a 1-for-1, not likely you’d get equal (or near) value.

      Definitely don’t want to trade down in value.

      Khris and another piece as a 2-for-1 might work depending on the deal.

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      I packaged him with Myles Turner and Ingles to get back Jokic

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      Chef (Ali)
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      That’s a great get.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Hi Chef – first off, just wanted to thank you for your work and doing this on Tuesdays. It has really helped me. Fairly long question but taking advantage of your time today 🙂

    Can you rate my teams and see if I could benefit from adding any of the WW candidates?

    In a 14team H2H league and currently in 1st place.

    Eric Bledsoe
    Paul George
    Josh Richardson
    Jayson Tatum
    Nikola Mirotic
    Jaren Jackson
    Joel Embiid
    Mitchell Robinson
    Maxi Kleber
    Marvin Williams
    Brook Lopez
    Kyle Anderson (IL)

    Mikal Bridges
    Ivan Rabb
    Delon Wright
    T.J. Warren

    In a 12 team h2h league and currently in 1st place:

    Damian Lillard
    Eric Bledsoe Mil
    Jeremy Lamb
    Tobias Harris
    Jonathan Isaac
    Taurean Prince
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Jaren Jackson Jr.
    Maxi Kleber
    Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    Kawhi Leonard
    Bobby Portis
    Jarrett Allen
    Robert Covington (IL)
    Clint Capela (IL)

    Kyle Anderson
    Marvin Williams
    Jeff Green
    Richaun Holmes

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      Chef (Ali)
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      You’re welcome Alpit, thanks for the shoutout.

      With a first place team that’s been winning week to week, you don’t want to unnecessarily disrupt any chemistry, doubly so in h2h.

      Team 1: I would look at Mikal for Kleber. You’re already set for blocks and Mikal gets more steals about as many 3s and has a higher upside than Kleber. You lose one game in h2h playoffs.

      Team 2- I think I like Marv better than Kleber overall. Same playoff schedule.

      Not convinced on SGA down the stretch. I would probably stream til RoCo or Capela came back.

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    yo Chef! 16cats, H2H, 9cats

    who you got for h2h playoffs? Mitch Rob’s 342 or Portis’ 444? Thanks

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      Chef (Ali)
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      Completely dif skill sets so it depends if your team needs points and 3s or blocks and FGs.

      I need Mitch more for more of my teams cuz the blocks are just so dominating. If you don’t need the blocks(or are punting)/ aren’t worried about efficiency cats, you can roll with Portis’ 4-4-4.

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    Yow chef,awesome work,im in 9 cat 12 team H2H,curently 3rd place,could u please rate my team maybe some suggestion?

    Eric bledsoe
    Lauri mark
    Kris dunn
    Jayson tatum
    J lamb
    J issac
    Gary harris

    Waiver d.white,slomo,jabari,holmes,ball,dragic

    Someone also offer me klay for my bledsoe

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      Chef (Ali)
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      Klay is a bit better overall in 9-cat but when Niko and RoCo (and Harris) get back, you’re set with threes so you need the steals and assists more.

      Especially seeing as Dunn is one of the two players I’m not so high on, the other being Lamb.

      I think you need his steals and assists to remain competitive.

      That would leave Lamb and I would consider White for the defense when he comes back(Lamb for the efficiency)- same h2h playoff schedule.

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    Hey Chef!
    I am in a H2H 9 cat league with a traditional playoff schedule.

    I am in 4th place and look good to make the playoffs. I am wondering about making one if two trades to bolster the number of games come playoffs.

    How concerned would you be about a possible shut down for Bradley Beal? Would you try to trade for him given their 12 games and if so, I am seriously considering selling Kawhi for him (not straight up but in some package) just because he has 2 back to backs during the playoffs and seems to still be hit or miss/unreliable.

    Is that being too cute and should I just keep the status quo?

    Thanks in advance for the awesome advice here and in your articles!!

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      Chef (Ali)
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      Hey Kooks,

      I also fear the desire to get too cute with it, but I think your reservations about Kawhi are valid, and even aside from the b2bs there’s a chance he misses a game or two.

      Washington is 3 games out of 8th so I don’t think he’s a very high risk to be shut down (though there is always some). I think that’s a good trade especially if you can get another piece that boosts a cat where you might have a need.

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    Thank you for the advice. I will probably do that then and see if I can wrestle another key piece from him.

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    Hi Chef,
    H2H team, 9 cat.
    Curry, Bledsoe, Jrue, Lamb, Luka, Levert, Mikal, Marv Williams, Bryant, Miro, Bagley, AD (welp), McGee.
    IL: Kyle Anderson

    Plan is to solidify percentages + punt assists by moving Luka/Bagley/Levert for top 30 player. Possible trade targets: Kawhi (inj history), Turner, JJJ, Tobias, Tatum.
    Who would you have?


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      Chef (Ali)
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      Hey baller,

      Of the guys you’re thinking about trading I like keeping Bagley the most- he has a great 4-4-4 in h2h and has been hitting his FTs lately.

      Doncic and LeVert , to me. are the guys to try to move.

      For the guys you might want back, you have to consider h2h schedules – Kawhi (3-4-3 + missed games), Turner (3-4-3 on fire now), JJJ (2-3-4 and not that good lately- not ideal unless you have a bye week), Tobias (3-3-3, iffy in Philly) and Tatum (3-4-3 and consistent all season).

      Kawhi is a risk, someone like Joker or even Beal are better if you trade both Doncic and LeVert. I’d do it for Turner probably too and Jimmy Butler is the efficienct guy to own in Philly.

      You might be able to get Tatum for just Doncic with all the popcorn numbers he’s been putting up.

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    Hi Chief, thanks for your help…

    Here’s my Q

    Please rank Cody, Okafor, Smart & Dedmond

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      Chef (Ali)
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      In 9-cat, Smart, Dedmon, Zeller, Okafor (though Jahlil is a big question mark).

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    Hey Chef – does Isaac’s recent play shift your outlook on him much? Do you reckon he’s worth holding onto despite the not-so-desirable playoff schedule? (12 team, 8 cat)

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      Chef (Ali)
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      Hey Aaron,

      I didn’t think he was going to put it all together this season, but he’s just been a beast the last few weeks.

      The problem is that (in my leegs at least) owners are hesitant to buy, scared of the early months’ bad play, so you either keep him or drop- he’s been too good for that.

      If he keeps it up, I would try to keep him. For Week 23, when he has 2 games, hopefully he gives you enough blocks and steals to be worth it. Worst case scenario, Magic play on Weds an Fri so if you needed to stream his spot for Sat and Sun, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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