Collins trade

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    Hey all, I’m in a 12 team h2h points league.
    +1 Pts, fgm, ftm, reb, ast
    1.5 stl, BLK
    -1 fga, fta, to

    Trying to acquire John Collins (or Ayton but that’s a heavier lift). Is my Myles Turner for his Collins fair? Draymond instead of Turner? I’m all for 2 (my side) for 1’s (their side) but don’t know if that’s necessary to get Collins.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

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    Dan Besbris
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    In your particular format, turner for Collins would be a nice upgrade

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    But the Collins owner should be really desperate to accept any of those two, since in points leagues both Turner and Draymond suck so much right now

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    Great points both! I’ll see what I can do to sweeten the deal. Want to upgrade but well aware that if I’m offering these guys I’m selling low. I’ll float the Turner trade, the Collins owner is a big Longhorns fan.

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