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    Alec Dominic
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    9Cat, 12 team H2H

    Trade Away : CP3, Favors, JJJ

    Recieve: Booker, Jonas, KLove

    I have concerns about CP3s health as well as Favors, and was offered this. CP isn’t going to play 82 games and I believe Favors is already out again today.

    Which side would you guys take ROS?

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    Rank: All-Star

    No way. CP3 and JJJ are too valuable. KLove is a health concern also, and if Memphis slips in the standings JVal could sit more (as good as he is)

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    Dan Besbris
    Rank: Legend

    Think I’m sticking with your JJJ side.

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    I mean I hope you already knew about cp3 and his potential games played this season when you drafted him. I got him in almost all my drafts because he fell below 35th in all my leagues. He also looks great and the minutes he plays has rarely hit the “too many mins for old guy”. My main issue with this trade is you are giving up a ton of defensive stats (cp3 gets basically 2 swipes a game, both JJJ & Favors give u a block + steal per game).

    Maybe do cp3 + favors for whatever combo duo you want outta the 3 you want. I think JJJ is a must keep for ROS.

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    Show Me The Morey
    Rank: All-Star

    Try Cp3 for Booker straight up instead.

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