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    Dan Besbris
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    Hey all!

    Welcome to the first of our daily DFS forum threads, hosted by our incredible team of daily fantasy studs!

    These threads will provide daily news/updates and act as a sounding board for new players and experts alike. They will also be a spot where we can link to interesting shows (like the one Coach, Mike and Andrew H. are putting out every day) or other info we feel is worth highlighting.

    I would also like to introduce Myles and Andrew G., two DFS experts that are going to be monitoring this thread (and the rest of the HB forums) as moderators here in this 2019-2020 season.

    Let’s kick off this first thread with a link to today’s DFS Today episode with Coach and Mike: DFS Today for Monday, 10/14/19

    Now … let’s roll.

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    Hello NBS DFS fanatics! Welcome to this all important thread that will keep you up to date on everything NBA DFS!
    Welcome Myles & Andrew G! It is awesome to have 2 sharp DFS guys join the team!
    Hoopball now offers 24/7 365 NBA DFS! Mr.Dan Besbris (GOAT) has assembled an expert team of Mike Apotria, Andrew Hanson, Myles, Andrew G, and your truly, that will provide 7 day a week podcasts and up to the minute player updates on this forum thread!
    This is going to be a hell of an NBA season!

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    Myles H.
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    Hey Hoop-ballers

    I know some of you are on a time crunch and want in depth knowledge on a certain game on the slate so I’ll be posting a daily timeline of NBA DFS Today on this thread.

    Here’s the timeline for NBA DFS Today for Monday, 10/14/19

    ATL@MIA (9:43-15:03)

    CHA@MEM (15:04-20:00)

    OKC@DAL (20:01-27:03)

    SAC@UTA (28:57-32:57)

    DEN@PHO (32:58-38:03)

    GS@LAL (38:04-47:20)

    Check out our sponsor FANTASY DRAFT and use promo code hoopball for a 7-day trial with $1,000 worth of rake-free contest.

    Please remember to rate review and subscribe on i-Tunes.

    You can find NBA DFS Today anywhere podcasts are aired.

    Go follow our DFS hosts and experts on Twitter, click their name and you’ll be directed to their page Coach, Mike, Andrew.

    Thanks for Tuning in!

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    Andy G
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    Hey DFSers, Great Coaching today on the show Guys!

    Look forward to to NBA season and plenty of DFS Wins daily.

    I have been playing since about the beginning and in fantasy sports
    in general since the late 90’s. Yea that really puts me in the older crowd.

    Interesting slate to start off with for tonight with the latest breaking news
    and adjustments we have to make. Looks like it starts with Curry Time.

    I will have to experiment here during the pre-season and see what is the
    best way to help out here as well. Probably with some deeper numbers.

    You’all ready to grind out the NBA season?

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    Andy G
    Rank: All-Star

    Wanted to share some basic and advanced stats here, for example the Basic Stats Per 36 Min. all kinds of useful stuff there.

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