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    I was lucky enough to pick up Derrick White in all 3 of my leagues. In the one, I traded him for Ariza. However, he’s continued to rise, especially with last night’s OKC overtime game.
    In my dynasty league, I have LeVert, Wall, and Barton injured, and when LeVert returns I’ll need to drop someone. Would a move trading my Derrick White + LaMarcus Aldridge for someone’s DeRozan make good sense? Or should i not sell high on White? I just feel like Dejounte Murray will still be the starter next year.
    Is there someone else I should target for White? Looking for a 2 for 1.

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    Dan Besbris
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    It’s a solid move to get out from under it before Murray gets back into the picture, but Aldridge has been better than DeRozan since the first month, so if you’re going to put those two dudes together (LMA and White), probably aim for someone inside the top-25 overall. Or wait a little longer to do it so other teams can see how good LMA has been lately.

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