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    Myles H.
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    It’s our daily DFS live thread, hosted by up to 5 DFS experts!

    These threads will provide daily news/updates and act as a sounding board for new players and experts alike. They will also be a spot where we can link to interesting shows (like the one Coach, Mike and Andrew H. are putting out every day) or other info we feel is worth highlighting.

    Myles and Andy G, two DFS experts that are going to be moderators for this thread (and the rest of the HB forums). They will also be making fill in appearances on the DFS Today podcast this 2019-2020 season.

    Here’s today’s podcast: Dodge the Dominant Defenses

    Don’t forget to check out our sponsor’s Fantasy Draft, Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company, Manscaped and MyBookie

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    Andy G
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    No news to really report as of yet other then what was on the POD for today.
    George Hill came up on the inury report, and its still unclear what will happen there.

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    Andy G
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    Hornets LU

    PG D. Graham
    SG Terry Rozier
    SF Nicolas Batum
    PF Miles Bridges
    C B. Biyombo

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