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    10team 9cat roto league

    i have the 4th pick so in my league i will most likely end up with harden/curry or KAT.

    I will most likely go with harden/curry so what do you guys suggest in the 2nd round.

    Should I go with a big like Gobert/Turner or another guard like booker/Jrue?

    i reckon there are not a lot of quality bigs in the later rounds and I could possibly get Conley in the 4th round

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    Vegemite Toast
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    Not sure I agree with your thoughts that there are no quality bigs in later rounds. However, if you come out of round two with Curry and Turne you’re well set up for success.

    Basically every stat has a solid foundation to build on from there.

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    Don’t worry at all about those first to picks regarding position. It is a very common mistake that owners make. They think if they go small in round 1 they are forced to go big in round 2 and vice versa. Erase that from your brain. Take the very best and highest ranked player on your board regardless of position. In rounds 3-6 is where you want to start looking at balancing out your team. Don’t overreact even at that point because someone will fall to you in a different round that will fit your roster. My strategy, for the most part, is take your highest ranked guy and the rest will fall into place.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’m with Coach on this one. I actually happen to think there are more late bigs than ever this year, too, for whatever that’s worth.

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