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      Hey guys. Drafting tomorrow in the number 2 spot of a 12 team yahoo h2h league. Need some advice on my top two picks. Which pairings do you like? Always like to go with one elite big and one elite guard with the top two, don’t love punting or chasing stats late on.

      #2 -Anthony Davis, #23 Devin Booker
      #2 – Anthony Davis, #23 D’Aron Fox
      #2 – Anthony Davis, #23 Mike Conley
      #2 – James Harden/Curry, #23 Myles Turner
      #2 – James Harden/Curry, #23Vucevic/Bam and then chase guards the next 2/3 picks

      #2 Anthony Davis, ##23 Myles Turner. Shore up blocks and then guard chase for the next picks.

      Any advice you can give me would be great.


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      Dan Besbris
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      I might consider Paul George since AD or Harden or Curry can kinda float you for the 4 weeks he’s out…

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