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    Hey guys!! Got a great one for everyone.

    I somehow allowed myself to fall back into the mindset of trading.
    I have the 6th overall pick (So close to getting one of the 5 studs) and the current offer is:

    His: # 3,38,63,143
    My: # 15,26,35,66

    For context, the original offer was the owner wanting a 2nd & 3rd for his 3rd overall pick. I was totally on board with writing off my 2 picks for AD, KAT, Steph or Harden.

    The trade grew from there and the point right before me asking for his last pick, I almost got cold feet. Then I realized that the trade was basically:

    – #3 and a Free 143 -for- 15 & 26 (Totally okay with)
    -Moving down 3 spots in the 4th round
    -Moving up 3 spots in the 7th round

    Getting 2 top 6 players is HUGE so I was curious as to what your thoughts were.


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    Vegemite Toast
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    The 30’s and 60’s cancel out. The 143 is worth nothing.

    So its a standard 2 for 1: #3 for #15 and #26.

    Putting names to that… would you trade Harden or Kat for say Walker + Turner?

    Strong Yes from me. Get it done before he changes his mind.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yeah I’m doing it.

    You’ll likely have Jokic at 6 … could pair with Harden or Steph and knock out half the teams in the league with those 2 guys. Haha

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    Erik Ong
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    It IS huge. Definitely do it.

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