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    Remeth Henry
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    20 team h2h picks 8,32,48,72 etc
    Thoughts on these targets if better value doesn’t fall, are they too early?
    8 – Lillard then Kyrie
    32 – Draymond
    48 – Valenciunas

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’m fine with it — might not be my preferred picks but it’s not like either of those guys is getting to 72

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    I think those are solid picks! The only one I don’t like is Irving at #8. Dame would be great but if he’s gone you have several options better than Kyrie at #8.

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    Remeth Henry
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    Thanks guys, yeah if no Lillard other option is to chase a wing early then a Lowry or Bledsoe at the 48.

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