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    I traded away Draymond green.

    Received OG Anunoby

    Which side you like better

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    Is that what it’s come to with Draymond?
    I hate to say OG is the better side, I really do. So far it definitely looks like it.

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    Myles H.
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    I know I hate to say it as well but I’m worried about what the warriors plans are down the road if they don’t start getting some W’s. This was Greens second game back so he could still be trying to get over his finger issues but once he does he could return to his normal triple double threat.

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    I am also hopeful. I took him in the third round this year thinking he’d be a monster. It never dawned on me that his assists were dependent on having good scorers around to dish to. Certainly his scoring wasn’t why I drafted him, however it seems like he’s maybe trying to score more and as a result his efficiency will likely drop. I’m hoping that he can string together a few good games and I can unload him before the plane crashes into the mountain. However I just can’t bring myself to deal him for pennies on the dollar just now.

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