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    Shallow 10 team 13man roster (non-standard) points league

    2 Part question:

    Question 1: Now that Lillard is injured I need to put him in an IR spot. To do so I need to drop Holmes or Markkanen. I’m intend to keep Holmes but a second opinion would be helpful.

    Question 2: I need to pick someone up. However, whoever I pick up needs to play on the 24th (so that I start that week with a full roster). I only have one move left. I may hold it until the 23rd but wanted to see if any of these guys would be considered must own In case getting them now makes more sense. My options include (but are not limited to): J.Hernangomez, Jordan Clarkson, James Johnson, J.Rich, R.Hachimura, Kevin Porter Jr and others.

    LMK what you think

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    Dan Besbris
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    Couldn’t you just hold 2 injured guys and take zeroes for 1 week?

    None of those guys are must-own in a 10-teamer.

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    I have 2 IR spots, but have 3 injured players. I could just leave one on the bench, but I think I need to keep pushing my point total. i’m in 6th, trying to get 5th and void the player in 7th trying to over taking me.

    Also, picking someone up to play on the 24th means I start that week with 10 players vs 9 (provided no one else gets hurt). So even if I wait til the 23rd to grab someone, i can only pick someone up if I move Dame to an IR spot. And to do so I need to drop one of those guys currently there.

    Markkanen I picked up last week to burn another owner since I had an open spot lol. But I also thought Holmes would be back this week to open up a spot for me.So his timeline being pushed back

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    Dan Besbris
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    If you absolutely must avoid taking zeroes, Markkanen is my drop

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    I don’t think any of those guys are a drop for one extra game.

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    Thanks. A 0 for 1 game sure, but it’d be 2 games for this week (after the break), and how ever many for Lillard’s absence that following week.

    However, I did some calculations this morning and found my points total doesn’t matter any more in terms of me maintaining 6th place heading into the playoffs. What does matter is I need to win one more match in the final 3 weeks to secure my place. All 3 opponents have beaten me all year so it won’t be easy.

    Week1 1 play the guy in second place. He’ll be even harder to beat with Dame out. Week 2 I’ll play the guy in 7th. He is currently my best chance at a win. Week 3 I play the guy in 4th place.

    I honestly don’t know anything about L.Markkanen. I’ve never had him on a team so i’ve never really paid much attention to him. I picked him up to upset another manager lol. However, if he’s better than someone on my team i’ll consider holding him (current roster below). IF he’s back on 3/1 he’ll be in time for me to play the guy in 7th place.

    Damian Lillard
    Kawhi Leonard
    John Collins
    De’Aaron Fox
    Robert Covington
    Tobias Harris
    Ja Morant
    Jarrett Allen
    Christan Wood
    Danuel House Jr
    Collin Sexton
    Larry Nance Jr
    Reggie Jackson
    IR: Richaun Holmes
    IR: L.Markkanen

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