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    12 team 9-cat H2H league.

    Ros season outlook, would you drop Draymond for Thad Young?
    Young is still available and I’m just frustrated with holding onto Dray. With Carter Jr probably coming back soon and Draymond most likely Sitting more and more due to tank mode, who would you rather have for the ROS?

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    Dan Besbris
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    I wouldn’t. Thad will probably be better until Bulls start to get healthy, but I actually kinda think Dray might play more if/when Steph comes back. His role is much more clearly defined when he has people around him that can score.

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    That’s what I think too. I drafted him third round and am trying to remain optimistic.
    When Draymond does play he’s getting you those classic Draymond lines you should have expected when drafting him. Defensive stats, assists, no points, crummy percentages.
    When he doesn’t play he doesn’t hurt your percentages or turnovers. Lol.
    He’s still better than nearly anyone you’ll find on waivers.

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