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    I’m probably overreacting a bit, considering I’m #1 in my division by 2 games, but, I am playing 2nd place this week, so, it’s about as important of a win as I’m going to see for the rest of the regular season. Okay, on to the meat of it.

    I have 2 injured players on my team now, Markkanen and RJ Barrett. I know NYC is all over the place with their lineups, but, my hope is, they start to let RJ run loose after the ASB, which I think we were starting to see prior to his injury (3/6 20+ fpt games in our format), so he’s got my IR slot….which is where it looks like he’ll be for at least the next week if not the next 3.

    That leaves Lauri. Is he worth giving up a spot for the next few weeks, until Barrett is healthy and I can move him to IR, or, do I stream that slot, and then fill it with someone like Mo Wagner when he comes back ? Does anyone see a strong back half of the year for L.M. ? Especially with WCJ and Gafford coming back ?

    I’m extremely weak in the big man department, luckily picking up Nance has been a blessing, but with my only other C being B. Lopez, I’m struggling.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I say try to ride it out. Thats almost always my vote. Better to have the best possible team in March than worry about a win or loss in January.

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