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    Im in a fight to get into the playoffs and Myles Turner took a major crap on my plans tdy. I’m considering dropping him and picking up players playing 2 in 3 for the remainder of the week. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    My original plan was to drop Crowder today and then Dotson, Valanciunas, and Dedmon on Sunday to get an extra 4 games, possibly do the long stream for finals week. Turner came off waivers yesterday so I rushed to pick him up. Since he didn’t deliver today and won’t play again until Sunday, I’m thinking I should go back to my original plan. Thanks in advance guys!

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    Capt. Caineghis
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    What kind of league is it, 4-team H2H? You won’t get an endorsement from me for ditching the best shot blocker in the game. I also wouldn’t be dropping JV or Dedmon. Maaaaaybe Dotson could be replaced, but he’s got right now too and prime for a strong finish. I wonder who else is on your team, if these guys are your drops. I also wonder who you could be picking up to give you more value than those guys.

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    Haha, it is! It was a 10 team H2H, but it’s down to 4 teams. Thanks for the help.

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    I’ve been trying to add more overall games to my week by streaming top 110-120 players. The additional stats they bring in aren’t huge, but they’re better than sitting on a guy that only plays twice or three times a week.

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    Dan Besbris
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    The only guy I’d stream there on Sunday is Crowder. The other guys are either too good or actually playing on Sunday (the Knicks play Sunday)

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    I agree with Dan! Stream Crowder on Sunday. That is the most sensible move in my book.
    Good luck!

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