Drop will barton for pj washington or NAW?

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    Hey Hoopballers,

    I havnt drafted a guy from denver in awhile mainly cause their roster is so deep. This year I only have shares of Jerami Grant. In a big money league I got barton with my last pick but should i drop him for pj, NAW, or even culver? Or should I risk it and keep him for first week and risk losing the aforementioned players to waiversharks?

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’m okay with Barton as a last pick on the 5% chance he re-finds that old form. He probably won’t, but PJ Washington also isn’t going to do anything, so probably just sit on it and make a move quickly when the season begins.

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    I would pick up PJ. Hes already starting stats could be similar with better fg% and more upside for blocks rebounds.

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