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    Hi all,
    I love SGA but have no shares of him yet. Trying to acquire him from a savvy owner in my dynasty league. He’s rejected my offer of Josh Richardson for SGA, saying it was fair, but SGA has better potential long term.

    I’m thinking about trying to offer him a combination of Capela and Teague/Richardson, for his Shai and Domantis Sabonis. Is this too much? I’m not a Capela hater and actually target him in drafts, but maybe Capela is a sneaky way of getting a younger guy with more upside? It is a two center league, but I have plenty of bigs (Towns, Robinson, Bryant and then Sabonis to replace him). Thoughts? I can provide more info if needed

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    Keep a close eye on your assist situation. SGA will likely not help as much as Teague in that category.
    If you believe the hype you could offer Capela for SGA straight up.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’d rather let Capela roll up top-30/40 numbers while Shai is slow to start and then you can probably get him cheaper…

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    I like Shai a ton as well but don’t over pay for him with Capela. I would try a different deal or sit chilly for a bit.

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