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      Should I give away my Mitch Rob to get Draymond? Robinson had a fairly lacklustre preseason whereas Draymond is set to produce like playoff Draymond… in
      Not overly concerned about Draymond in dynasty because he should have several decent years left.
      Just curious what others’ thoughts were


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      Capt. Caineghis
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      In a re-draft league this is close I think. I agree, I’m pretty disappointed with Mitch Rob’s pre-season, but it IS pre-season. In a dynasty league, I would not be making a committed move like this base off of 3-4 games that don’t matter.

      Mitch Rob is the up-and-comer in this case where Dray, while dynamic in his statset, is aging and nearing the 30 year mark.

      Give me Mitch Rob, regardless the lackluster pre-season.

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      I’d say Draymond. He is proven and will absolutely kill this year. Robinson could easily be a hyped up player that never pans out. Plus, as long as he’s on the Knicks playing for Fizdale you can never count on what kind of minutes he’ll get.

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      Dan Besbris
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      This really comes down to whether you think Mitch Rob evolves into a player that starts his entire career, and that’s the gamble. He has the higher upside since Dray is on the way down, but in 8-cat, Dray has probably 3-4 years left of solid production. What’s more important to you: now through 2022, or after that?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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