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    I’ll miss the playoffs already and thinking of getting best talents to keep. We can only keep 7.

    Would you do any of these trades?
    16 teams, h2h, 9cat, punt assts (but willing to pivot strategy)

    1. Collins + RoCo for KAT
    2. Collins + RoCo for Kyrie
    3. RoCo + MitchRob for Ingram
    4. Collins + RoCo for Luka

    My keepers are big heavy (but I don’t mind) – Ayton, Collins, Capela, Clarke, MitchRob, RoCo, Isaac

    Other possible keepers: Noel, Norm Powell, Thybulle, Melton

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    I think trades 1, 3 and 4 are all worthwhile. You’d be trading up in all those scenarios, and dealing away Collins or Capela should be a priority for you especially if you can get a top tier keeper like Towns or Luka. I wouldn’t be looking at acquiring Kyrie with offseason recovery coming for him and his shoulder (see PG this year), and also his injury history.

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    Dan Besbris
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    1 and 3 are my favorite. Luka is currently sliding because of his FT% and you’re punting assists…

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    Thanks, sirs!

    Will offer #1 first then #3 after as it is the same owner who owns KAT and Ingram.

    I’m open to keeping John Collins + Capela in any case as they always shoot up in value in punt Assts and they can serve as handcuff to each other too.

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