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    Hi there, in a 10 team 8 cat H2H league, someone just dropped Marcus Morris. There is only one IR spot so players like Oladipo, J Collins, Fox, Favors, Bryant have all hit the wire. I managed to snag Dipo and Collins but only have 37$ left from my original 100$ budget. How aggressively should I target Morris? I currently have a 6$ bid in place, I’m debating going more heavily in, but the league isn’t necessarily the most active either, usually only having to compete with 1-3 other teams in bidding.
    Here is my lineup:
    -Jrue Holiday
    -Devin Booker
    -Kelly Oubre
    -Elford Payton (streamer)
    -Matisse Thybulle (streamer)
    -Clint Capela
    -John Collins
    -Oladipo (IR)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Not my area of expertise, but a top-60 guy in 12-teamers (I know yours is 10) should be worth a LARGE chunk.

    In yours, where dudes hit the wire more often, you might want to scale it back from ‘large’… but I’d go higher than 6

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    Devin Ellington
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    I agree with Dan, you can afford to go larger here and the lock in a roster spot and take away one of those steamer spots and have someone who can help your team out. I would maybe raise my FAB bid to probably $11 tops.

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