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      Another FAAB question.

      Doumbouya looks like the real deal. Going to drop Mikal Bridges for him. What percentage of my $100 budget should I drop on him? 20% or should I be more aggressive. Do you guys think he can be a top 75 guy going forward? Seems like he’s going to get a ton of minutes.

      Wondering if I should spend the same $$ as if someone like Wendell Carter or Brook Lopez ? Those are two bigs that cane to mind.

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      If you still have $100 left, there’s no reason why you can’t be a little aggressive. Top-75 might be optimistic but there’s no doubt he has potential. The one issue is if Drummond does get dealt, we have no idea which players come back in the deal that could steal his playing time. 20-25% seems good.

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