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    At the end of another Big Tuesday, it’s nice to sit back and talk some hoops … Marcus, Riaz, Devin and Doug take your questions live at 7pm PT tonight!

    Post your questions here until ONE HOUR BEFORE SHOWTIME (after that, use the YouTube live chat!)

    And watch the show here:

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    Dan Besbris
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    *raises hand*

    Luke Kennard might be back soon – what sort of timeline do you guys have him to get to full power?

    Also, did someone in Memphis steal Nemanja Bjelica’s voodoo doll so all the power forwards get hurt at the same time?

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    Keeper question here! You guy’s have been very generous in answering peoples league specific questions so here I go.

    Team is out of the playoffs so I’m Rebuilding for next year and beyond.
    Not your traditional cats league so I’ll put a players current overall rank next to their name, and where they would be drafted next year.

    10Cat (ORB/DRB), H2H

    Received an offer for Ben Simmons(11/rd 4) and wanted to counter for Jarrett Allen (22/rd 11) & JJJ (51/rd 8)

    Allen isn’t exactly exciting to own but he could be on another team next year and has been a lock for top 30 the last 2 years. JJJ…I mean, just look at the guy.
    Though Simmons has glaring warts in his fantasy game, he’s been a 1st round player this year and it looks like he’s sticking around that area.

    The value appears to be there, but often the gap between the 11th player and the 25th overall can be pretty glaring.

    Help me out fellas. Is this a good base for a trade? What am i missing? What kind of trade value does Simmons command in a keeper league? Would Allen/JJJ be peaking in 2-3 years while Simmons starts to fall out of the early rounds or is he here to stay?

    ***This part here might be unnecessary context***
    My opponent is in 1st place and appears to be going all in. Not prirotizing next years draft.
    We only get to hang on to 5 keepers year over year.
    If you’re wondering, and it’s unlikely that you are, what my keeper options are looking like for next year they are:
    KD – 15rd*
    Klay – 14rd*
    FVV – 12rd
    Ja Morant – 6rd*
    Ben Simmons – 4rd
    Rui Hachimura – 16rd

    Sorry for rambling.

    And thanks in advance!

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      My Simmons for his JJJ & Allen

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    Piggy backing into Kennard question. 9 cat 11 team roto. Worth it to stash him now over holding Clarkson? Looking for Points 3s and assists if it can be helped. Or if Napier supplants ish smith as starter, does he get the nod above the other 2? Other potential drops are Dedmon, favors and *gulp* Horford. Although though players sound unlikely as drops now that I look at it….

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    Thanks a lot gang. I know that was a long one. Cooler heads shall prevail!

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