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    Okay, I am very torn on who I should take as my first pick in my 9 cat H2H 12 man draft league.

    I have the 8th pick. Been taking Jokic consistently with my yahoo mocks, but the B150 has thrown me off.

    Who would you grab/risk out the following??

    – Jokic
    – Lillard
    – Kawhi
    – Oladipo
    – Other

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    Vegemite Toast
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    Depends on your H2H finals league.

    Going into my H2H league i almost dont care about position. I’ll just pick in the order and land with the best player that’s still available. Don’t get too hung up on who you get, you might be surprised… So far in active mocks (not against computer auto picks) i’ve landed with Davis at 4, Durant at 7, and Curry at 11. (8th picks in those mocks were Durant, Lebron and Simmons respectively).

    My top 10 are:
    – Anthony Davis
    – Karl-Anthony Towns
    – Stephen Curry
    – James Harden
    – Kevin Durant
    – Giannis Antetokounmpo
    – Damian Lillard
    – Victor Oladipo
    – Nikola Jokic

    Others who may be considered dropped out of the top 10 for me:
    – LeBron James: Not convinced he will try in LA this year, Tank/Rest year for the ‘bron.
    – Kawhi Leonard: Bad playoff schedule for my league (2 games short in semis and 1 game short in finals)

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yeah, very tough question to answer without see who is left on the board, but I have no issue with Jokic at that spot, if he’s there. And in h2h, LeBron gets a bump since the FT stuff hurts less on a week to week basis.

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    Hmmmm I wish Lebron would fall to me.

    The good thing about taking Jokic first is, I don’t have to reach for a big with my Round 2 17th Pick, as Embiid is usually taken. Can take a strong ranked guard.

    Who should I get excited about for my 17th Pick after taking Jokic?

    – CP3 (rest days worry me)
    – Butler (hurry up and get traded)
    – Irving
    – Holiday
    – Kemba

    These guys above always fall to me.

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      Chef (Ali)
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      The good thing about Jokier is his yahoo h2h playoff sched 3-4-4 and out of position assists.

      Since Jokic scores less than all first (and most second rounders) you def want points n 3s, ideally while not tanking either %.

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