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    So we are in a Yahoo 12 team auction draft.

    Daily lineup small bench and one IR slot.
    My Team
    and link to picture if it no longer works –

    As you can see I have Luka and Davis. I never planned on drafting Luka but I ended up winning him due to trying to bid him up.
    Now I have two top 10 guys and SOME decent people around them. Fox on IR has been hurting and I picked up Favors of the free agency pool ages ago and have just held.

    My issue is I do not know which 5 6 cats to really try and focus on. I am currently sitting last (as I slacked off setting my lineup a couple of times) and am 7 games out of 6th spot.
    A full healthy squad should have me rolling but what tweaks / cats should I really target as Luka and Davis is a very weird combo.. but each on their own is a outright stud.

    Ideas I have had was flipping Davis for Harden to pair him with Luka.. or Luka to I dont know who to pair with Davis.
    Or trade one of them away in a 2 for 1.. thoughts?

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  Andrew.
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    Dan Besbris
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    Can you post your team stats as compared to other teams in the league? Yahoo has that nice handy page…

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    No need to panic Andrew. Your team has a solid foundation and Doncic and Davis are good complimentary players. Neither of your studs are Load Management all-stars. Keep them both. If you want to make a trade, use the rest of your roster for that. Make surgical improvements based on what you find your team needs to be.

    Here are some basic suggestions:

    I appreciated that you mentioned that you don’t always set your line up, and that this is a H2H league. Use the Yahoo Start Active Players button on your Yahoo team page to set your line up for the week with one click of the button. No excuse for not setting a line up (even through we almost all miss a day or two at some point during the season). Then check to make sure your best players are not on the bench on any given day.

    You can quickly go to your league page and click on the Schedule tab under Standings. You can see how your team has done each week vs your opponent. Then click on the weekly score and see how you did against your opponents by category. Do you see a pattern here in categories you are dominating, or getting beat up in? This can help you decide where you are strong or weak.

    Also, strongly consider streaming one or two of your bottom of the bench guys on any given week. I don’t know what your waiver wire looks like, but you can almost always make some small gains this way, swapping out your streamable roster guys. Keep your eye on the waiver wire and you should be able to upgrade 2 or 3 of your players by the time the playoffs start. You may have to go a little early for upside plays with adds, but try and anticipate how long it may be until your potential upside play guy will get his opportunity, or how many guys he has to jump.

    It is so easy to pick up one category point per week if you simply start full line ups, stream end of the bench guys, and adjust mid/late week as you see how the week is panning out (if your league allows daily moves). Just doing this would probably have you at least in 6th place right now.

    With a team as good as yours, and with a little return to health, it’s going to be the little things done on a continuous basis that strengthen your foundation, and put you in position to make the playoffs, and be a factor in the playoffs.

    Good luck!

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    Devin Ellington
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    The first two things I would do personally is to try and upgrade the roster spots of Bridges and of Derrick White. I think you have a good core obviously with the big guys. But having Redick definitely means you need to try and partake in winning 3s. Luka hits a decent amount of those also and AD lately also.
    Having a healthy Favors and Fox will be huge, it seems as though you are back loaded. Favors offers some really good rebounding numbers as well as Luka and AD does.
    Bazemore is an easy drop for me. Christian Wood doesnt have the good graces of Dwayne Casey right now and is still adamant on having Blake play like 34 minutes a night.
    I feel like you should start with some drops and adding some talent if it is available on the waiver. Also find like 3 to 5 CATS you feel like youre very competitive in and building on that.

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    Davis Luca Harris Favours Noel to me mean give you options to dominate FG boards turnovers blocks steals possible points & assists. I’d look to trade for players that help you in those stats JCollins, DAyton, Brook Lopez, Jimmy Butler. Use Fox, Holiday, Reddick, Hunter and anyone else to upgrade that those stats. Prob drop Baze and pick up Elf Payton if hes available

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    Thanks for the information guys! I tend to look at the averages of the ‘team stats’ as opposed to which cats I win and lose.
    I was pretty stubborn with D White and Bridges but I think they should be opened up as streaming spots. With such a small bench it makes sense to really be aggressive in that area and get the games played up.

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