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    Hey all, how would you guys rank Fultz, MPJ, Melton, Naz Reid, M. Chriss ROS for a 10 tm 9 cat league? thanks!

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    1. Chriss
    2. Fultz
    3. Melton
    4. Naz
    5. MPJ

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    Capt. Caineghis
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    I’m stocked about Naz Reid. KAT is out 2+ weeks, so maybe he’s a bit of a short-term add, but his per-36 numbers are around 23 and 9 with 1 steal, 1.7 blocks and 3.7 triples. Tonight he saw 33 minutes. Those kind of numbers are first-round value, so even though you might only get 2 weeks out of him, 2 weeks of a first-rounder is worth a lot more than 4 weeks out of a top 80 or 100 guy, so I’ll say…

    1) Naz
    2) Chriss (love him, but GSW players have been so hard to trust – it’s a new flavor of the week every week)
    3) Melton (I still think the best run of the season for him is yet to come)
    4) MPJ (solid points and boards with some steals and triples)
    5) Fultz (He’s not that special unless you really need his assists)

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