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    I was offered Jokic for either;

    My Bam and CP3
    My Devin Booker and CP3

    I know Jokic’s value is low but I’m trying to get him where I can. These are the only two trades the guy will do, there’s no wiggle room

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    Dan Besbris
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    Bam and Cp3 for Jokic is fair if he wasn’t stinking up the joint. I think you might just want to pass. I know you want him, but if this guy isn’t willing to flex on the return even with the Joker playing poorly, it ain’t worth it.

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    I’d probably need another top 75 player in return to go with Jokic to accept that. I do really like Bam and traded Gobert for him in my favorite keeper league though, so I am very high on him.

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    Id do either trade. If OKC shutdown CP3 its a 1for1 then and youd do that trade all day

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    And if okc does not shutdown cp3, you are giving up a top30 player for free

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