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    Capt. Caineghis
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    So, I’ve got NBA League Pass, but that usually only gets about 1-2 games per day (usually on NBA TV) even though there are about 8 per day happening. I’m trying to scout each team a couple times, but it makes it difficult when NBA TV wants to show all of Zion’s games and not so many of the rest.

    What sites/apps do you guys use to scout these pre-season games?

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    If they are not covered on league pass then they are simply not being broadcast anywhere. There are more on TV this week, big time! For the games that aren’t televised all you can do is watch the box score. Cool thing is that the season starts a week from tomorrow!!!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Haha, the dark web? I’m actually trying not to watch a ton of preseason for fear I’ll get caught up in the hype…

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