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    If I have the 6th pick in a 10 teamer, and I’m trying to move into the top 5 to get one of Davis, Giannis, Towns, Curry, or Harden, is this offer worth it?

    I can trade my #6 to the team right in front of me for his #5. The price however is he gets my #14 and I get his 3rd round pick, which would be #25.

    That seems pretty steep and I tried to talk him down but he’s not budging. Is the drop off from #5 to Jokic/Dame really that much? I feel like its a no. But at the same time, the upside of those first 5 is more than Jokic or Dame who won’t be top 5 per game players, but will have value in total games played.

    Thoughts on this?

    I guess if I get lucky too, maybe someone goes completely off the board and takes a LeBron or Westbrook or something like that since this is a bit more of a rec league, albeit still for cash prize.


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    Dan Besbris
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    I think I might take my chances someone doesn’t go with the standard top-5.

    Or you ask for his 4th for your 5th or something just to bring it tighter.

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    I would say go for it. The drop off is pretty big after the first 5. Plus when you get into the 2nd and 3rd rounds the difference in value is so slight. I’ve heard some people refer to rounds 2-3 as “a minefield.”

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    Not worth it for 1 spot imo. It is a drop off from 5 to 6 but, Jokic is reliable and can be paired with someone like walker at 14 which gives you a very reliable top 2 with great durability. Grab Dame at 6 then you can pair him with Drummond/Gobert at 14 which gives you great balance. Then you can go can anywhere with your 3rd pick. If 1 of the top 5 drop to 6 it’s happy days

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    Thanks for the help, nice to have some extra heads thinking it through. I think I’ll stick with the #6 and either hope someone falls, or focus more and getting two pretty solid guys without compromising myself too much by dropping my second rounder, cheers guys, good luck in the drafts

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