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    Hi guys,
    I have gasol sitting in my IR spot. Drop for OPJ or Kennard or just stand pat?

    In my other league I’ve got Holmes and OPJ in IR. Are either a drop for an injured MPJ to free up a spot or again stand pat? The only add worth it is Nurkic but I’d have to drop someone to add him into the IR spot.


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    Marc Gasol seems like he’s due back soonest, so I’d sit on him. Once he’s back, you can grab either OPJ or Luke.

    I’d sit on Holmes, but I might grab MPJ over OPJ. It’s really a coin flip in terms of value, but MPJ seems like he might be back sooner. OPJ was playing pretty poorly this season and was a drop candidate even while he was playing.

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    They just announced Kennard was “nowhere near close” so OPJ is the added out of the two

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