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    Hey hoop ball!
    Since it’s almost the start of the season… I’ve got a couple of questions….I was wondering when u guys going to start promoting the draft guides. Haven’t been hearing it much on the podcasts. Will there be early bird specials? Or promocodes leading up to the season? I certainly want to win, So I will definitely will be purchasing a draft guide. Which draft guide will have the bruski 150? When is the hoop ball six coming out?can u guys do a contest during live podcasts? For example, we can play “try to stump bru” by asking him questions to see if he can answer then and maybe win a hoop ball t-shirt…?

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    Dan Besbris
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    Hey Ben!

    I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic since I was yelling about the Draft Guide all week on Fantasy NBA Today!

    Here’s the link to the landing page if you wanted to scoop something up post haste. The regular draft guide has the B150 on Oct 7.

    And we will indeed have more games for swag this year. We have a great new social media person coming aboard named Jordan who is going to help with that immeasurably!

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